Flying Over Ice

Cirque du Soleil's Crystal is beautiful and breathtaking. It will make you cheer, clap and watch in open-mouthed amazement, particularly

The Principals of Uncertainty

How well can you ever truly know someone? That is the question at the core of A.C.T.’s current show, Heisenberg. Overall, it’s a good play.

More Than just Skin and Bones

Skeleton Crew is an intimate look at everyday people, which focuses on the specifics of the auto industry during the recession while highlig

Bizarre but Beautiful

Love Never Dies is Andrew Lloyd Webber’s absurd sequel to his classic musical, The Phantom of the Opera. The plot is ridiculous, it takes pl

Viet-Going, Going, Gone

Vietgone is pretty good, but its unwillingness to delve into its most poignant moments stops the show from being a great one. The show is fu

Take Flight with Weightless

Weightless, is fundamentally different than anything else you’re going to see right now. It’s a rock concert and a touching small-stage prod

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