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Alexandra Garfield uses her life-long love of theater, fifteen years of experience on stage and behind the scenes and two journalism degrees to bring you the best information about theater in the San Francisco Bay Area.

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April 20, 2018

Get ready to go-go mad for Head Over Heels, the new Go-Go’s musical currently running a pre-Broadway engagement at San Francisco’s Curran Theater. This show is an enchanting romp through Elizabethan language and ‘80s girl-power anthems. That may seem like an odd combination, but it all works thanks to the show’s killer mix of a fabulous script, great acting and never taking itself too seriously.

April 18, 2018

Finding Neverland is a lovely show, packed with heart and exhilarating numbers about the power of imagination. It also has almost nothing to do with historical reality. Ironically, the less you know about J.M. Barrie and the real story of how he wrote Peter Pan, the more likely you are to enjoy this musical.

April 10, 2018

The Bridges of Madison County is a fine show. There are some downsides and some redeeming aspects. Musically and emotionally, it cannot compare to some of the other musicals that have come to TheatreWorks’ stage such as The Prince of Egypt or Emma.  Still, the show is enjoyable. But you’re more likely to love it if you already like this story or are a fan of songwriter Jason Robert Brown’s other works like Songs for a New World or The Last Five Years.

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